extend your internet coffee shop

Offer in your internetcafé also professional IP telephony (VoIP). Enter now the market of the future with us together. Just owners with already equipted and working internet coffee shop´s can get a quick start without big expences into the telephony business. To start is for each PC a softphone required (free download possibly) further a headset is needed. That´s all you need to start this additional business.

the billing software you get free from us

For charching the customer talks correctly by user and place, you get the billingtool for free from our businesspartner. By using of this software it´s possible for you to fix your margins per minute for each aim. You can buy the used amount of minutes from our business partner to very favorable prices which belong to the most favorable prices worldwide. Margins per minute of 50% to 100% are possible for you.

technical requirements

1.  solid broadband internet access (DSL, Kabel, ISDN) with at least following performance parameters for successful use of
- 02 simultaneous calls 064 kbps
- 05 simultaneous calls 128 kbps
- 10 simultaneous calls 256 kbps
- 21 simultaneous calls 512 kbps  
already existing 
2.  internet router with integrated symmetric NAT   already existing 
3.  network  already existing 
4.  - SIP IP phone
- or softphone with USB Phone
- or softphone with headset  
á 69,00 euro
á 12,00 euro
á 10,00 euro 
5.  operator workstation with PC + maybe printer   already existing 
6.  billing software "call café"  free of charge 

to do ....

Call us free of charge, it´s a pleasure for us to discuss with you how to fix this new business. We accompany you from the planning up to the implementation of your plan
- step by step -.


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