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You have rented your telephony system, now the contract runs out or must be continued to bad conditions, because no alternative is recognizable for you. It could also be that your presently used telecommunication infrastructure must be become outdated and be renewed therefore.

An other possibility would be that you need a phone infrastructure which can adapt itself to your company size. This can happen, e.g., by the opening of a new branch. Another reason would be that it have to be possible in the company to use "CTI" applications over the data network.

Beside these examples there are still a lot of other reasons, why your telecommunication infrastructure must be up to date.

For all cases we are a competent business partner for you with long-standing experience.

our suggestion

At this time the IP telephony has grown out of the children's shoes and efficient IP-PBX, phones are available at the market, therefore the way is open to swap the existing telecommunication technic without risk. Moreover, there is also the possibility of the "gentle migration" to the new technology. This would be, e.g., if the extention of the capacity is neccessary, or it is a must to use the tapi function to work with "CTI".

Together with our long-time system partner CPBX we can provide for your situation the draught optimum to start the "gentle migration" or for a complete change to the IP based communication. With our solution it´s possible for you to use voice- and data services over one network infrastructure.

In the following segment we would like to indicate you some advantages which you get by use of the new IP communication system.

In case your business is shared in 2 or more branches (officebuildings) you can connect this single places over the internet connection by use of our soft-PBX together. Without to pay very expensive dedicated fixed lines. Also it´s possible to connect outdoor staff over a secure VPN to the PBX, in this case the connected client is full integrated in the firm communication network. So it´s possible to connect branches and outdoor staff around the world to the company PBX. Another big advantage is, that the opportunity is given to integrate a fax to mail system without to pay extra money for another server, because this service is already integrated in our PBX.



through the using of TAPI connection it´s possible to integrate nearly all IP services

the same network for telephony services and data applications. Therefore is not neccessary to have two separate cablings.

branch connection over secure VPN or encrypted IAX connections possible

unlimited user possible

external user able to connect all over the world

no additional costs for licenses

open system (all major SIP and IAX phones are working with the PBX)

PBX is through buying almost in possession of the firm

money protection through safeguarding the new equipment

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