call shop

your call shop

You are the leader of a call shop and plan to extend this, or plan to use the service of other routingpartners. In this case we can support you to move your ideas.

In cooperation with our partner for call shop´s we can offer you favorable conditions for amounts of speeking minutes. We can offer also to you the required account software for free.

establishment of a call shop

Just with new establishments we can give you the optimum draught to the hand. The initial financing and the running costs as for example prices for minutes to national and international targets should be so slightly as possible.

for example

After the customer becomes the idea or the need to call, he get assigned one phonebox or a virtual line (depends of the call shop config). The customer of the call shop can buy pepaid money before the call(s) and after his call(s) he get the non used money back. Almost the call shops provide for theirs customers a bill after using the service.

For both cases we can offer to you the optimum solution. We are glad about your phone call or your message.


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