software - hardware


We offer you hardware service around all of your IT equipments. Should you plan the acquisition of a new IT system, you are in good hands by us. We also help you with pleasure if it´s about disturbance of existing hardware or enlargement for the existing system.

We repair IT systems either in our office or directly in the customers house. This always dependent on a previous arrangement.

We provide you help, when it´s needed to get a new IT system. In this case we take out the user datas form the old system and put the datas in the new system. Additional we install the neccessary software and help you to use this software.

If you need permant support for your business we also provide for you a special service contract. Here we can manage together the support times for the maintanance of your IT system.


Almost the reason for pc problems is the is to seek in the used software. Therefore is it very important that a qualified support for this kind of problems is available. We help you with pleasure when you have questions or problems with operation systems or standard software like MS office or open source products.

Don´t hesitate to contact us, it´s a pleasure for us to help you. Please follow this link to our contact form.

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